When you think of Canadian wilderness adventures, or Canada in general, you probably imagine snow in some way. We’re used to that, eh? Those who don’t get a lot of snow at home haven’t experienced the fun that comes with it.

For example, how do you go dog sledding in Arizona? Fake snow is fine, I suppose. But it doesn’t beat the experience in Canada. The brisk, chilly fresh air as you ride your sled or rig…

I’m getting ahead of myself. Dog sledding is certainly exciting. Having a team of Huskies enthusiastically ready to saddle up and run together is exciting. The dogs are just as excited for the Canadian wilderness adventure as you are.

Once your sled or rig is set up, you must secure it to a solid object. At this point you will harness each Huskie by the collar and put them on the gangline. A gangline may consist of 4 dogs or up to 10 dogs. When they are all harnessed, the Huskies are probably all excited for the trip. Picture a dog getting excited when you jingle your car keys and then add 3 – 9 more dogs like that.Wilderness tours are a great way to get the experience of the wild while still being in a safe controlled environment.
Double check your equipment, travel directions, any passengers, and then you can release the sled from the solid object. The Huskies will quickly pull the sled with you on it and you’re well on your way! You may reach around 20mph downhill. It resembles Santa Claus riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer; the dogs run in pairs ahead of you through the snow, lead by the two leader dogs.
The ride becomes surprisingly quiet and you’re heart will be pumping quickly with the excitement. Want to turn left or right? It’s as easy as calling the leader dogs by name and commanding their shift in direction (trainers may give their dogs different commands.). When they steer the rest of the pack in the direction you want, you thank them.
As you ride quickly over hills of snow, you get to know how to recognize signs of things coming up just by watching the dogs’ ears. They will sense the presence of a moose ahead, for example. And if they do, you’re in for a special treat as you safely ride passed one. The cool, fresh breeze flowing over you enhances the experience immensely.

It’s important to recognize when you should pull over and give you and your dogs a break. Offer them water bowls and frozen meat. Enjoy hot chocolate as your dogs enjoy the break. Once the dogs are ready, this peaceful break is ready to come to an end and the ride begins again!


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