Tree climbing tools are utilized not only by all those who climb expertly, such as arborists, but also by leisurely climbers.

Climbing a tree can be essential for arborists to investigate & resolve issues high in the tree. Tree climbing can also be executed for fun, with an aim to climb up as high as feasible. In either case, no matter if climbing for work or climbing for fun, it is important that you have the needed tree climbing supplies to make your climb secure and to secure you from a possibly dangerous fall.

There are several various methods of tree climbing that might be used, each requiring its own set of equipment. A rope & saddle strategy is one particular method utilized for climbing & is generally viewed as to be the best & most popular method simply because little damage is done to the tree when utilizing ropes & saddles.

The tools necessary to use the rope & saddle approach include not only a particular tree climbing saddle, but also carabiners (metal clips) & an ascender, which locks into place in the event of a fall.

A helmet & gloves are generally also recommended to secure your head and hands throughout the climb.

Rope, of course, is also essential when utilizing the rope and saddle method & there are two types: single rope, which is utilized for taller trees & double rope for trees less than 80 feet tall.

When the SRT is utilized, the route up the tree is usually a straight line. With SRT the climber advances up the rope with rope slings, technical ascenders & assistance of the feet and legs. For more information visit Tree Climbing Rope.

When DRT is utilized, on the other hand, the route might not be as straight. The climber utilizing DRT must throw their rope over the branch they plan to climb & then secure it to their climbing saddle or harness.


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