San Diego is placed in the southern part of California close to the Mexican boarder. The area is generally known as the Tijuana San Diego International Metropolitan Area & includes two big American coastal cities in two diverse countries.

The over-all population for the entire area is near to 5 million, which makes it one particular of the biggest International hubs in the world, with 13 consulates.

Around 40 million individuals cross the Mexican-American border between Tijuana & San Diego, which helps make the crossing one of the most busy crossing in the world.

Here are top reasons why you may want to trip in San Diego, California:

1. The San Diego Zoo park is one of the cities most popular attractions. Who said the zoo couldn’t be affectionate? The Zoo has extended hrs during the summer season with live entertainment.

2. Visitor can take a boat to Catalina Island & enjoy dining and shopping. This is the only island location on the West Coast and has unforgettable lodging for a romantic getaway.

3. The town is host to several museums, such as the Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Art, Museum of Man & Hall of Champions Sports Museum among other museums and galleries such as the Museum of Making Music, the family friendly Reuben H Fleet Technology Center and more.

4. Two words: Sea World. Dolphin Connections Program & many additional world popular attractions, since 1964. Over 12 million visitor per year.

5. Day trip or small trip to Tijuana, Mexico, which is much less than 25 miles from downtown. Enjoy the lifestyle of Mexico and experience Mexican enjoyment. Cost-effective day trips readily available from downtown. (Around $50 to $150)

6. A lot of totally free activities for kids and family.

7. Wonderful beaches and coast line 27 miles of waterfront, featuring bayside parks & marinas.

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