If you are looking forward to escape to a place with plenty of sunshine, gentle sea breeze, palm-lined beaches and rugged mountains, Tenerife is perhaps your best bet. With a rich cultural history that manifests itself in modern times as well, Tenerife is full of breath-taking landscapes, stunning rock formations, beaches and historic monuments. A great vacation place for backpackers on a tight budget, Tenerife has a few great accommodation options that will not end up costing you a fortune.

Here are our top five picks for the best budget hotels in Tenerife.

  1. Barceló Santa Cruz Contemporáneo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Cost per night: 30 Euros

Located opposite to the scenic Garcia Sanabria Park, this stylishly decorated modern hotel is well equipped with modern amenities and also offers great views of the volcanic landscape. The rooms are spacious, tastefully decorated and the staff is bright and friendly. Thus you can gear up for a relaxing holiday at an affordable price.

  1. Hotel Puerto Azul, Puerto de la Cruz

Cost per night: 12 Euros

This charming little hotel is located in the heart of the fishing village and the surroundings are teeming with eateries and cafes. Thus, you enjoy proximity to the sea as well as the taste of local culture from this hotel.

  1. Hotel Tejuma, Puerto de la Cruz

Cost per night: 16 Euros

Located in close proximity to the Plaza del Charco Square and the Martianez lake, this two-star propert is well equipped with modern amenities as well as traditional hospitality that Tenerife and the Canary Islands are famous for.

  1. Pensión Milema, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Cost per night: 15 Euros

Simple rooms and a courteous staff for extremely affordable prices, this basic hotel in the village of Santa Cruz offers great value for money to the travellers.

  1. Aparthotel Bellavista, Puerto de la Cruz

Cost per night: 30 Euros

This three star hotel comes at not-so-three-star prices. You have spacious apartments that offer great view of the sea. The hotel is well equipped and located close to the Lake Martinaez as well.

Tenerife can be enjoyed very well on a budget, especially because it has cheap options for travel and accommodation. You can choose cheap Tenerife airport transfers to get to your hotel, cheap local transport to get around the island and relish the beautiful views it has to offer. We hope you have a memorable and relaxing trip. Bon voyage!


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