If you’re looking for corporate team building activities that will promote unity and camaraderie, then sailing should be on top of your list. With this activity, you can bond with your colleagues, business partners, and even clients by letting them experience exhilarating team building activities in Singapore. This is a good way to improve cooperation and collaboration within the team. With the proper execution of the activities, it is easy to achieve goals to improve the camaraderie between members.

In case this is your first time to sail with your colleagues, then check out the list of tips below on how sailing can help make your corporate team building activities a success:

1- Sailing can develop each team member’s character
When you choose sailing as your next team building activity, you can expect to develop your team member’s character. The event organizers on-board have a good understanding of your team goals. That’s why they have programs that are specifically designed to achieve each of your objectives. Just like in your workplace, the sailing programs aim to discover the strengths and unique characters of the participants. Through sailing, rest assured that you will end each activity empowering the strengths and skills of your team members.

2-Sailing lets your team collaborate to achieve a common goal
Through a well-coordinated team effort, there’s no doubt that you can easily reach your goals.  The team must have an ideal team leader and team members who are great when it comes to working in sync to win every activity or challenge. Individuals should always be willing to invest their skills and talents in the interests of the team.


3- Sailing helps in improving communication between members
With sailing activities, your team will learn different ways of communicating just to achieve their goals.  In each program the members will communicate between each member to link their role in the activity. This will then require translation of different ideas into useful information, helping the team to also improve in decision making and problem solving.
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4- Sailing allows members to be prepared in crisis management
At sea, teams have limited resources to solve problems. Therefore, their creativity in crisis management will emerge during activities. They will also need to anticipate possible issues and act on developing solutions to meet their goals. At the end of each activity, the members will improve when it comes to resourcefulness and responsiveness.

5- Sailing encourages team members to embrace change
As cliché as it may sound, change is inevitable. With the current market trends and even natural disasters, you have to help your team to adapt in changes. One good way to do it is to let them experience a different environment. In sailing, they will experience different sea and weather conditions, nurturing their ability to respond and adapt to each sitation.

To ensure that your goals are met in your next team building activity, do not hesitate to contact Keppel Bay Sailing Academy. With them, you can choose from a selection of bespoke packages that will suit your needs. Trust them to help make your next team building activity a success!


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