Any airline flight that is longer than about 4 hours can be really challenging for most individuals, until you are ready to travel in 1st or business class. Traveling an economy long haul flight in small quarters squashed in next to other individuals that you don’t know can be very trying. In reality, if you have had a poor experience, it can enough to put you off flying forever.\

When you have done a number of these flights, you get to know a couple of tricks, that assist you along the way. No one truly speaks about these tips and techniques, and it’s not till you get back on a journey, that’s heading to take 12 to 24 hours, that you recognize you have to know them.

The 1st one I want to discuss about today, is what you were planning to wear on this strip. Most individuals want to look intelligent when they check in and go via customs, nevertheless, the last point you need to wear although on one of these very long flights, is your most formfitting outfits and high heeled shoes.

One way to get through this, is to get a very lightweight tracksuit and smooth ballet style shoes, and change in the bathroom as soon as the flight is underway. Change back into your arrival outfits, just before your morning meal is served at your destination. For more information visit Tips to survive a long flight.

As the journey is getting ready to take off, have a great look around you and see if you can spot any vacant seats. What you are searching for and is at minimum three seats next to every other in a row that has no travellers sitting on it.

If you locate one of these sets of seats, as soon as the seatbelt indication goes off, and you’re permitted to stand out get your bag and sit in one of those seats.


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