Photography & travel photography have been a passion of mine for a very long time and now I would like to discuss some of the most essential stuff I’ve discovered over the years with our beloved viewers.

I began with a Nikon EM SLR creating mostly slides and upgraded to digital. The SLR had provided me very well but I noticed I could cut the cost of digital photography to almost practically nothing with digital technologies.

Making dozens of photos of the similar matter means you’re bound to have a great one gradually! Only a few years later I discovered the advantages of image editing and enhancing software like Photoshop.

Enough historical past, let’s move on to my suggestions. In this article I assume you have some practical experience with (digital) photography currently & I concentrate on the particulars of “shooting on the road”.

1st, choose the perfect equipment. I like a semi-pro digital camera with a fixed lens & long zoom. The Lumix series for instance has remarkable value for money.

Best traveling photos happen quick. Generally you don’t have time to switch lenses. Fixed lens also indicates you have less problems with dust. I usually keep my camera on auto-focus & auto-exposure. Remember, best photographs happen fast. You can lose the actions & the right light in seconds. For more information visit best travel tripod.

Also, have a reasonable quality back-up. I like my 2nd camera to be fairly small. If you get encouraged to a party generally nobody objects to pictures taken with a little innocent looking “toy-camera”. The similar goes for temples, gatherings etc. Nevertheless, do respect other people’s privacy & local customs.

A little light-weight tripod is helpful for night/sunrise/sunset digital photography. Ensure that it folds into your day-bag.


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