To help you cut through of the clutter, I scoured the internet and found the top 10 classic SEO quotes to direct your plan. These quotes will hold true when an update is unleashed by Google tomorrow.

Among the greatest things about the world wide web is immediate access to any information you need. When researching search engine optimization (SEO), this is especially true.


Using hacks or SEO tricks is like attempting to beat the house in Vegas. Sure, you might get a couple of quick wins, but in the long run you are bound to lose since”the house always wins”

To put it differently, SEO is an asset. It’s like buying real estate and investing in remodel your kitchen and bathroom. That you may sell it in the future for a 21, that work will raise the value of your home.

— Jill Whalen (@jillwhalen),

— Dave Naylor (@DaveNaylor), Managing Director

You’re ignoring the most important part of SEO– your customers when you design your website for Google’s search engine spider. In the conclusion of the day, rank # 1 at Google is completely worthless if your site is not designed correctly to convert traffic into sales and leads!

The objective of SEO is to not rank # 1. The goal is to generate revenue and leads .

“My rule of thumb is build a website for a user, not a spider.”

Even if you’re using tactics like Radio, tv, and print, you need to have an SEO strategy to ensure when they turn to the internet to do more 38, you’re not losing customers.

“On a broad scale, I see SEO getting a normalized marketing tactic, the same way printing, radio, and tv are traditionally considered as marketing tactics.” — Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager

If your prospective clients are looking to find your products or services, you need an SEO strategy. A growing number of folks are utilizing multiple channels to research products and services and search engines are a part of the combination.

Because it’s so simple, yet so true, this is one of my favorite search engine optimization quotes. Google’s mission is to organize all the information on the internet and present it to ensure the”best” is located at the top of the search results.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” — Wendy Piersall

How does Google decide what’s”best”?

Google’s algorithm takes into account many facets, but one of the most crucial signals is the number of sites which reference, or link, to this information.

One of the big misconceptions about SEO is that it is all about tricking Google to get your website to rank high.

With that in mind, the objective of SEO is to make it as simple as possible for Google to find your site (by using appropriate HTML code, composing relevant copy, designing for ease of use, optimizing page loading rate ) and to give Google a motive to rank your site higher with the other relevant websites (by releasing greater and stronger information, becoming more links, more internet PR).

Again, it’s important to think about Google’s assignment. They would like to arrange of the information online so that only the top websites are at the peak of the results page, and present it to the searcher.

Successful SEO isn’t about tricking Google. — Main Street ROI, Phil Frost

Again, the objective of SEO is not to rank # 1, it’s to generate sales and leads.

“Now it’s not about’get the traffic’– it is about’receive the targeted and relevant traffic” — Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer

That means your SEO strategy begins with finding the proper keywords which will ultimately drive conversions for your business. Use the Keywords Planner Tool of Google to Look for keywords. Take it one step farther to arrange



The buying-intent keywords are those where the individual is most likely trying to make a purchase, as you can guess. The research-intent key words are the ones where the searcher is the most likely just doing research.

Focus your search engine optimization efforts on the buying-intent keywords first to offer you the best opportunity to drive leads and sales.

The unhappy fact with SEO is unless you’re on the search results page, that the majority of people won’t find your website. Keep in mind that there are only 10 spots available and probably tens of thousands or perhaps tens of millions of websites vying for all those coveted spots.

Consider how difficult it’s to double the number of traffic to your site. You are going to need to invest more advertising, social networking, email marketing, and/or traffic to be driven by another marketing strategy.

Look at the fact that you would get exactly the same impact if instead, you focused on doubling your website conversion prices.

“The ideal place to hide a dead person is the second page of Google search” — Anonymous.

I’ll admitI”LOL’d” when I first read this quote.

“It is much easier to double your business by decreasing your conversion speed than by doubling traffic” — Jeff Eisenberg

In the past, publishing more and more content was a great tactic to expand the reach of your SEO. Your website has more opportunities to rank at Google as you print articles about subjects.

“Better content is outweighing more articles ”

Because of Google’s recent algorithm updates, quality outweighs quantity.

Current a more compelling offer.

Change the design of your pages so that your offer is more easy to see.

Offer information in exchange for an email address so that you can follow up and convert a longer time period within.

Use retargeting advertisements to bring prospects (that did not convert) straight back to your site.

Insert a lightbox popup so that your offer can not be missed.

Businesses took that strategy to the extreme and began to publish high quality articles that were low in an attempt to scale up article production.

Try a few of the following thoughts:.

This quotation highlights a change in SEO.

Businesses ignore this simple truth.

Your conversion rate is the number of sales or leads you create from your website divided by the entire number of traffic. You can either double your traffic or double your conversion rate, as you can see from that equation and the result will be the same.

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It’s simple math…

Peter Drucker wasn’t specifically speaking about SEO in this quotation, but it.

What has to be measured in SEO?

Tracking your rankings is useless, although this could come as a surprise! They tell an incomplete story, although your positions should of course be quantified.

Fantastic SEO work gets better over time. Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. Fantastic SEO work just gets better over time. Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. That means your SEO strategy starts with finding.


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