In the southern part Of Thailand, just a little north of this island of Phuket to the mainland could be town of Phang-nga. Phan-nga is just a small state, but it’s a great spot for tourists, especially sea and shore fans.

One of many island was Used among the movie locations by the James Bond movie,”The Man with the Golden Gun”. Lots of several small islands have got some contours which seem to be chimneys with trees growing in addition to Some of these islands has been used because the hideout of the villain at the movie.

The islands of Phang-nga include many beautiful modest islands. Several of the islands have beautiful beaches and several of them have caves that are large enough for tourists to explore. Tourists can take boat tours to pay a visit to these islands. A lot of beaches are large enough and also a great site for your tourist to stop and have picnics. However, several of the islands don’t have any beaches.

Each island has got Its own uniqueness form. Many of them seem like tall poles emerging out of the ocean or have caves created by the erosion of the ocean water flowing . Tourists can swim directly through the seas, and enjoy exploring the most beautiful and fascinating sea life living in the caves.

Tourists can also Choose to have a boat tours to visit these fascinating islands in Phuket. Tourists can contact tour counters or agencies in Phuket. They will Help You Where to visit combine a boat tour of those Phang Nga islands. Thus, give your self a Gain by seeing Phang Nga on the following vacation of yours.

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Taking a ship tour To visit these beautiful islands, and you will observe nature in its beautiful And intriguing perspectives that you are awaiting for.


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