Have you ever considered what it would be like to take a cruise on a luxury yacht? Might be you’ve even thought about owning one particular yourself. Over the past few decades, luxury yachts have risen both in range and in popularity.

A Small History about Luxury Yachts

The term luxury yacht generally refers to a yacht that is independently owned with a expert crew. In the early 20th century rich people began to have luxury yachts designed for their private use. Christina O and Savarona are good examples of early luxury motor yachts. Some earlier luxury sailing yachts were the Endeavor and Shamrock. Luxury boating yacht events were held in Newport, Rhode Island by the New York Yacht Club.

Luxury Yachts

Today luxury yachts are particularly plentiful in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas. Custom boat building organizations have increased and a new field of business has popped – yacht charter brokers. Luxury yacht building and charter organizations are mainly based in the United States and Western Europe.

While a couple of luxury yachts are only utilized by their private owners, some are purely operated for business purposes all year long as charters. Also, fairly a few privately owned luxury yachts are chartered when their owners are not utilizing them.

If you were to charter a high-class yacht for one week, you could expect to pay anyplace from about $30,000 to just under one mil dollars. Often another 30% is billed for food, fuel and lodging. And don’t forget the 20% gratuity for the staff! For more information visit Cabo Private Yacht Charters.


So, simply what do you get in a luxury yacht for all that income? Here’s a list of a few of the more typical amenities among the best luxury lines.

Space. The tiniest luxury yachts are 84 feet in length, and the larger ones can be as very long as 328 feet.


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