Having used and marketed Lifetime Picnic Tables for many years, I’m inclined to share the why’s of purchasing a Lifetime Picnic Folding Table, as well as why not’s. I’ll first examine the typical client who purchases this particular unit and after that, who doesn’t. I’ll then immediately compare this unit into an imported unit out of Atlas and point out a couple of important differences.

Who purchases the Lifetime Picnic Table?

Lifetime tables appear to be a fantastic match for them because they are not just heavy and sturdy, but also collapsible making them easily stored in seasonal areas of the nation. This is rare amongst many picnic folding tables at the market because most heavier units are permanently installed, making them hard to maneuver and shop as necessary; and many collapsible picnic folding tables are light and flimsy.

This also makes them ideal for another most important client base I have undergone, which are colleges and churches. Unlike campgrounds, schools and churches regularly will need to set up them and take down them; therefore, the portability of a Lifetime folding picnic table makes it a great match for this particular usage.

Lastly, the following most frequent customer base are families that want something fast and portable because of their personal use. These tables are ideal when you have a trailer that you want to take camping and can collapse the table to place neatly on your trailer. Another frequent usage is for a family to have this particular picnic table for family get-togethers at their house, yet again, that the computability and portability making crucial.

Who doesn’t purchase Lifetime Picnic Tables?

To clarify those who purchases the Lifetime picnic folding tables department, some campgrounds won’t want to purchase this table. In places where seasonality isn’t a concern, campgrounds may want a heavier-duty picnic table. There are several manufacturers of the tables, that have rubber high and heavy steel frame, such as Raymond Products.

The heavier nature of those units brings to a longer lifetime and harder theft. Together with Lifetime picnic folding tables weighing about 100 lbs., theft is undoubtedly a concern. To alleviate this, most campgrounds will chain them into the floor. Another frequent set that typically cannot utilize a Lifetime Picnic Table are municipalities. Typically these classes require tables that are wheelchair accessible. To date, Lifetime Products doesn’t create such a table.

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While Atlas tables seem a good deal like their Lifetime counter parts, after that Atlas table is initiated, it’s up for good, if you don’t take apart the legs. Another, more subtle gap, is Atlas utilizes a stainless steel making them weaker than the Lifetime tables. Because of this, Atlas offer just a 1 year warranty on their own tables, whereas Lifetime Products provides a two year warranty on their own 6 ft. models, and 10 years in their own 8 ft. models.


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