The top Japan traveling tips & advise are shown in the down below content. Even although it seems extremely simple but somehow individuals might forget about it. So hope this serve a little reminder to you.

1. Time Difference
Japan time zone as if fixed to GMT it is +8 hours. So it is 2 hour more quickly than most of the Asia nations around the world.

2. Language
Japanese is even now the main language that commonly use in Japan public, private & govt body. A great deal of younger era people do speak English but they are talking in Japanese merging English term with extremely strong Japanese pronunciation, so it is extremely strange or sounds funny when you 1st time hearing this. For more information visit How does the JR Pass work.

No worries, helpers or staff in vacationer spots, hotels & restaurant are all well skilled with English speaking skill & fluency.

If toughest come to worst, you however can utilize your pen & paper to draw some images or direction on map that hope to go.

3. Power Source & Plug

Japan is utilizing 100 volt, with two direct thin flat pin, it is various from some of the Asia region & different to Europe nations too. Digital appliances must be supporting 100 volt – 250 volt, just ensure that, you need to counter check out your digital travel gear. Also you need to provide with universal power plug simply in case.

4. Tap Water

All the while The japanese tap water is drinkable, basically recent years of hefty pollution, some places tap water is no more drinkable, so before you having any tap water either from hotel or general public places, need to ensure that is there a any sign saying it is straight drinkable or not. For more information visit Japan Rail Pass.

5. Weather Conditions
Japan has 4 season, each & every of the season truly vary a lot in term of temperature & rain level.


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