Antigua in the Caribbean is a type of islet that could essentially be considered as a place where there is something for every person to enjoy. From somebody who really loves history to a person who loves sports activities, each and every one of these occasions can be experienced throughout Antigua vacations.
And as with the other favorite island in the Caribbean, Antigua also has its good share of wonderful beaches. On the other side, listed below are other factors to do and why they are really worth going to while on holiday in the place.

  1. Nelson’s Dockyard National Park

If you have made the decision to neglect the seaside and do anything else, you can go to the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, a former English harbor. While in the Napoleonic conflicts hundreds of years earlier, this is where the British fleet dock. And from 1784 up to 1787, Lord Horatio Nelson had used the area as his headquarter too.

After finding the harbor, you can have a flavor of special food in the restaurants and eating places that covered the park. There is also the Dockyard Museum and a collection where you will see quite a lot of unique manuscripts of the naval record of the Caribbean. You can keep on your trip by discovering the close by beach, marina, or much better yet, go to Shirley Heights.

The park is open on a daily basis, from early morning right until evening. You can get in the park by spending the entry fee which also contains the passes to the museum, Dow’s Hill, and Shirley Heights.

  1. Shirley Heights

From Nelson’s Dockyard, your next stop in your Antigua vacation must be the Shirley heights. Even so, make confident you are using relaxed shoes since you require to rise to reach the leading of Shirley Heights. Once on the peak, you will be surprised with the beautiful view of Antigua as nicely as the other close by islands. The Montserrat volcano is also seen in this place.

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Additionally, due to its amazing views, this area is preferred for wedding ceremonies. There is also a bar and an eating place atop Shirley heights so, if the walk going up had designed you thirsty and famished, you can quickly grab a chew or have a food.

  1. Betty’s hope

This is the first sugar park to be developed on the island. Its name was made from the name of the little girl of one of its 1st property owners.


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