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Where in the entire world can you pet a dolphin, dodge a geyser, fly higher in a warm air balloon, ogle at ostriches, as well as tour a castle – all in a one day? Napa Valley, obviously.California’s Napa Valley is popular for its 300+ vineyard and wineries, but there’s so a lot more. It’s also an interesting, family-friendly location. The area’s wonderful scenery draws hikers, bikers, and horses riders. If your family members prefers water activities, the Napa River has cruise trips, boat rentals, and even kayaking for the amazing.

The Napa Valley is a small drive from San Francisco. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is close by in the town of Vallejo. Kids (of all ages) are entranced by the marine shows presenting dolphins, seals, and great whales. The a lot of amusement park rides variety from 11 gravity-defying roller coasters such as the Boomerang – which goes in reverse – to go carts, climbing walls, and toddler-friendly water play areas.

Proceed north and you arrive at the town of American Canyon, gateway to the Napa Valley. The area offers cost-effective accommodations options and practical access to Napa and Sonoma County vineyards. A lot of wineries offer unique wine tasting events, behind-the-scenes trips, and dinner plans.

The town of Napa is just 7 mls from American Canyon. Together with upscale shopping and dinner options, the city is home to many Napa Valley tour organizations. The hot air balloon trips won’t take you around the entire world, but do provide an exhilarating birds-eye view of the peaceful wine county landscape. Based upon on the tour package, additional may include a champagne toast or even full gourmet breakfast right after your flight.

There’s a lot to do on the ground too, as you proceed north. Many family members head directly for the little town of Calistoga, where wineries connect with geysers. For more info visit¬†Napa River History Kayak Tour

The “Small Old Faithful” geyser is a top interest. Stand back – way back! – and enjoy as scalding hot water sets over 50 feet into the air every 30 mins or so.

While the geyser is an amazing display of the area’s geothermal activity now, the Petrified Forest is a highly effective reminder of the area’s violent volcanic history. 3 million years ago, a large volcanic eruption toppled a Redwood forest and covered it in a wide layer of ash. The silica-rich ash gradually turned the timber into solid stone. There’s a art gallery and shady trail where you can view the important tree excavations.

Calistoga’s Safari West provides a unique sort of trail – one filled with cheetahs, tigers, zebras, and other amazing animals. It’s not just an creature park; Safari West is a 400-acre wild animals preserve devoted to education and wildlife preservation. Guests can take guided safari trips and even stay overnight in a high-class safari tent. Be positive to plan ahead: bookings are required for all tours. Visit Official Website For more Info¬†


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