To observe that the remarkable quantity of geographical and cultural diversity which exists within Thailand, whatever you must do is to compare the country’s five unique regions: the Central, East, North, Northeast, and South. Based on how long you’re able to spend in-country, you may be able to go to all five throughout one live (personally, I personally wouldn’t try this unless I had a whole month to invest on holiday). If your time is more limited, you should probably concentrate on no further than a couple of areas, and then leave others for prospective Thai holiday vacations.


Because the huge majorities of foreign tourists arrives, and depart, from Suvarnabhumi airport terminal in Bangkok, it’s highly possible your visit to Thailand should incorporate a remain in the nation’s capital. A bustling city of 11 million (many Bangkok residents will let you know that this official quote is probably low by as much as 50 percent ) and the core of Central Thailand, Bangkok offers its visitors a fascinating cross section of all the world’s past, future and present. Here you will discover everything out of the historical Royal Palace (dating back to the Kingdom of Siam), to midsize stores, vibrant entertainment districts, and a thriving business centre that is fast becoming the largest in south east Asia.

Central Thailand’s other primary attractions range from the historic city of Ayutthaya (Siam’s ancient capital), as well as the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. This area of the gulf shore is particularly popular with Thai families and honeymooners because of the own quiet, clean beaches, abundance of affordable hotels and resorts, gorgeous golf courses, along with comparative proximity to Bangkok (about two-and-a-half hours by car). If you are searching for a quiet beach getaway, that’s close enough to Bangkok that you wont require an airplane or boat to get there, the more gulf towns of HuaHin and also Phetchaburi are ideal for you. Also check the wonderful thailand beach huts.


Home to the expanding coastal city of Chonburi and the most popular tourist destination of Pattaya, the principal attraction of the area is the proximity of its beaches to Bangkok (significantly less than the usual two-hour drive).

Where as western gulf resorts such as HuaHin have a tendency to primarily draw Thai nationals, the eastern gulf is a leash for western tourists thanks to Pattaya’s notoriety as one of the world’s wildest bash towns. This bawdy image has been slowly changing in the past few years, however, as developers have started a string of fresh family-oriented resorts and attractions across Pattaya Beach and its neighboring areas.


Northern Thailand is distinctly unique from the others of the country in terrain, climate, and culture. Bordering Myanmar (Burma) and Laos to the north, the region is mountainous, heavily-forested, and apparently cooler compared to somewhere else in the nation (especially in the High Season). Even the Lana culture (a crossover between Thai, Burmese and Laotian affects ) prevails throughout the area, and will be understood from the décor, apparel, and food offerings in cities such as Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

The primary city at the north, Chiang Mai, is Thailand’s second largest and an absolute must for every visitor to the country. The heart of Chiangmai is surrounded with a moat and 1,000-year-old fortifications that protect some of south east Asia’s oldest, and most-important, temples, and as the rest of the town is dotted with universities, galleries, and enough accommodation and entertainment options to satisfy any type of traveler.

Chiang Mai is also the jumping off point for backpackers to learn more about the region’s famous mountain trails, in addition to anybody who’s searching for outdoor adventure activities like white water rafting, elephant safaris (i.e., riding an elephant off into the jungle daily or 2 ), and otherwise getting up close to the spot’s wild life (including monkeys and tigers). There are all those exciting what to do in this part of the country that you’re guaranteed to love your self.

North East

Thailand’s northeast (dominated by the province of Isaan) can be a heavily agricultural place that borders both Laos and Cambodia across the Mekong River. Khmer civilization (i.e.( cultural Cambodian) could be the prevailing influence on Isaan’s people and the majority speak the Khmer language,” along with Thai along with several different regional dialects. This effect can be seen in Isaan cuisine, which is different from conventional Thai foods because of its significant use of sticky rice, and also extremely spicy chilies.

While this relatively undeveloped portion of the united states has not been a traditional tourist destination, most recent administration projects (especially the restoration of various ancient, Khmer archaeological websites ) and the rapid financial growth of Isaan’s leading cities Buriram and KhonKaen have begun to draw more visitors within the last ten years. The town of KhonKaen is of specific interest to anyone interested in building a land crossing Cambodia. You may also like to see eco beach resort Thailand.


When speaking about the south east of Thailand, the names that come to mind are Phuket,” KohSamui, and Koh Phi Phi (known to foreigners since the Phi Phi Islands). White, sandy shores, sky blue water, and manicured settings which look like they are right out of a Hollywood movie series (mostly because they have been, but that is for a subsequent article) are exactly what define that area of the country. In short, it’s your run-of-the-mill tropical heaven.


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