About 35 miles off the coast of Honduras is placed Roatan Island – boasting Caribbean holiday homes, lush exotic greenery, local improvements and doing some fishing holiday villas. Roatan Island is close to 32 miles lengthy and is slim, elongated and rounded like the blade of a historical pirate’s cutlass. Surrounded by shimmering, sun-drenched aqua blue waters – Roatan is the biggest of the Bay Islands. Invisible treasure of all type waits patiently to be found on the island of Roatan.

Paradise Underwater

The 1st stop on our vacation for treasure on Roatan Island will consider us within the amazing crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the 2nd biggest coral ocean in the world. Because the coral reef is so large and wonderful, Roatan diving is growing to be a must for those fascinated in scuba diving and snorkeling – therefore the dive places and villas nestled here and there on the island.

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The ocean life and coral reefs come in each and every color of the rainbow. Surrounded by the blue-green waters, you will see amazing clumps of coral which variety in shape, color, and dimension. You will be eventually left without words from the natural beauty while you are diving or snorkeling in Roatan and you never know what you will spot in this magical area of strange and wonderful sights.


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