Fiji Islands are placed in the southwest Pacific Ocean. These stretches of wonderful Pacific islands include of over 400 islands, with most currently being uninhabited. Looking at a map of Fiji island will make it possible for you to quickly & easily see the specific place of each Fijian Island.

The other islands, on the other hand, are formed from build up of coral deposits. This indicates that the Fiji’s topographic features are very similar to most of the islands that are in the South.

Clumped in the Southern Pacific Ocean are the island destinations of Fiji, home of the world’s finest beaches. The Fiji islands are combined group of islands that make-up an island nation. Situated on Vanuatu’s east, the archipelago is made-up of 322 islands & 522 islets.

The regions main islands are Vitu Levu & Vanua Levu, whose locals account for 87% if the Fiji island destinations’ population. The land of Fiji islands is mostly hilly, with the greatest peak at 4,250 feet. Surrounded by hills are the Fiji islands’ lush rain jungles that are teeming with exotic wildlife. Guests are confident to have a very remarkable trip when they visit Fiji islands & its beaches.

The Fiji islands are made-up of 9 regions which contain major islands Vitu Levu & vanua Levu, Kadavu, Yasawa Islands, Mamanuca Islands, Lomaiviti Islands, & the Lau Islands.

Taveuni is most noted for currently being the home of the Tagimoucia, a species that is natural to this part of the Fiji islands.

With its unique beauty and serenity, Fiji has taken the hearts of many a tourist. With volcanic hills and tropical waters, Fiji is the ideal destination for all those who are looking for a holiday punctuated with exotic adventures & breathtaking beauty.

Fiji island destinations offer more than wonderful beaches, as the region also provides of tropical rain forests, coconut plantations & hills. For fiji island transfer flights information you can visit our website.

Fiji islands & Fiji beaches provide various activities & adventures to its guests. From extreme water sports to more peaceful beach lounging, there is some thing for each and every kind of visitor in Fiji.

Site visitors could spend the day checking out Fiji islands, go shopping in Suva isle, or head for a safari in the region highlands.

A safari in the highlands if Fiji isles offers spectacular views of the region’s astounding peaks & allows access to Fiji’s remote towns. Those who want an extreme water adventure could try whitewater river rafting or sail through Yasawa island.

Fiji beach locations guarantee a relaxing time to its visitors, as warm azure waters & fine sand make for the ideal beach atmosphere. With warm tropical climate and fantastic views, visitors of Fiji would experience heaven on earth. For more information visit

Fiji is a seaside lover’s paradise, as activities range from chill by the waters to checking out the islands’ spectacular waters. Guests could go scuba dive diving or snorkeling in one particular of Fiji’s blue lagoons. Like the jungles of Fiji islands, the seas are also teeming with wild life, as exotic varieties of fish swim in and about the corals of Fiji’s beaches.


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