Cuddle Connect is an online website platform along with mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The human physical touch is crucial to promote and preserve one’s well being starting from childhood extending to adulthood. Connective technology like social media is very useful but one of its major downsides is the curtailing of physical human touch. This causes a host of problems that’s detrimental to one’s overall wellbeing. Going back to what nature intended in nurturing the human soul is Cuddle Connect. Establishing wellbeing via platonic and positive physical human touch via cuddling, Cuddle Connect is the suitable platform for one to not only reap benefits from platonic cuddling but also to train to become a cuddle professional and get connected to cuddle professionals and enthusiasts.

Cuddle Connect connects touch needy people with a large community of touch professionals and enthusiasts. Cuddling has been found to relieve people off depression, anxiety, alleviate PTSD, reduce the risk of getting certain diseases, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and regulate sleep and bodily function patterns by the stimulation of the happy hormones production. It also boosts one’s social life – increases self-esteem, ups the ability to trust while abating social shyness. Cuddling also relieves the body’s tenuous state and helps with pain management.

The cuddling services by Cuddle Connect are purely platonic – there is a very good reason why cuddlers are called cuddle buddies. It strongly suggests that professional cuddlers are like buddies to only derive affectionate human touch from, not romantic or sexual gestures. Cuddle Connect offers great platonic cuddling services which are an art and science and have no nexus with dating and hooking up whatsoever.

It’s a fact that people are not getting sufficient human touch these days. More often than not, receiving human touch requires one to be in some sort of relationship. And, being in any kind of relationship requires certain levels of commitment isn’t for everyone. Cuddle Connect understands that dilemma and built this anti-virtual platform to give human touch deprived people the health generating benefits of cuddling without the relationship baggage.

Cuddle Connects goal is to provide people with human platonic affectionate touch that would foster their wellbeing – they also seek to make connections people in the art of cuddling and create a cuddle community teeming with cuddling enthusiasts and professionals.

Cuddle Connect also trains those interested to become professional cuddlers, making cuddling a viable career option. All that are needed to be a professional cuddler, from location, contract, cuddling protocol to a professional coddler’s demeanor are taught by Cuddle Connect.

Driven by a passionate team, Cuddle Connect builds and grows cuddling friendships that respect boundaries. It’s a friendship that extends human nurturing affectionate touch that’s commitment free and strictly professional.

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Cuddle Connect is especially helpful to those torn individuals who want to be cuddled but not have it on the basis of a relationship or have the cuddling lead into one. Cuddle Connect arranges for cuddle buddies who know what they are doing – the cuddling is only limited to the touch of wellbeing, nothing more.

Cuddle Connect is highly passionate in their trade and they seek to improve every day by clients’ feedback. To get a cuddle buddy, snuggle up and get immense benefits from the affectionate human touch, simply register at Cuddle Connect. To train to become a professional cuddler, contact Cuddle Connect today.

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