Belize is a tropical paradise situated on the boundary of this Western Caribbean Sea. Belize comprises more than 200 tropical islands that vary between several yards to 25 kilometers in length. The biggest of these islands would be Ambergris Caye. Ambergris is better referred to as whale smoke that’s utilized to make the many exclusive of scents. Yet no one is sure that ambergris was found with this beautiful island.

The island will probably best be described as a very long sliver that is 25 miles in length and is split from Mexico by narrow station that allegedly has been dug by the associates of the Mayan culture. There are many Mayan ruins on the island as well as nature maintains that teem with rare and unusual birds.

The only town on the island is San Pedro Belize also called San Pedro Town. It’s also the business center for the entire island. It’s a little airport that provides transportation to and from the mainland in an almost hourly basis. You can even get to the island with one of the water taxis. Sandy roads with small vibrant homes, hotels and guest houses and bungalows compose town. Annually round population of close to 3900 people nearly all of whom are Mexican’s make it their property. English is the frequent language spoken in the roads.

Ambergris Caye and specifically San Pedro Belize is a top notch tourist destination. Wherever you’re on Ambergris Caye that you might be only a brief distance from the Caribbean. San Pedro has from dive shops to hotels to serve the tourists and visitors. It’s possible to select very modest accommodations or a first class resort.

Many men and women believe that Ambergris Caye has the best snorkeling, diving and fishing available from the Caribbean. The golf cart may be the most common form of transport to the staircase.

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San Pedro Belize has all the modern conveniences you’ll need to appreciate your trip. Many men and women believe moving to Belize after only one trip to Ambergris Caye. All you want to bring with you will be a few combs, shorts, suntan lotion and vases.


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