One of the finest ways to save money is relocating an RV. You can basically save 1000’s of dollars over a two week time. RV rental providers quietly offer deep special discounts if you move one of their rental stations from one location to another.

One more tip is to always negotiate. You don’t usually have to accept the price published in the internet. Keep in mind, you are doing them a favor by going their RV to one of their locations, or else they would have to hire a driver to get it done for them.

You don’t need anything at all more than a typical valid driver’s license to travel either a Class A or Class C rig offer by Outdoor camping World, Cruise America and Apollo. There are various ways to bring your RV trip costs down.

– Look for localised discounts and Groupons.
– Take you own food, kitchen & bedding supplies, simply because the rental providers will charge you to rent payments those essentials.
– Rent a SUV one way to carry all your equipment to the originated RV depot. The more you bring the much less you have to lease or buy.
– Use the GasBuddy application to discover cheap gas along your route
– RV providers will give you temporary subscriptions to KOA and the Good Sam’s club for 10% off camping area rates. For more information visit luxurious RV rental company.

We ended up traveling 1,500 miles in our 2 week trip from San Francisco through central Oregon then close to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington on our way to Tacoma. We averaged 9.6 miles a gallon and spent $600 in gas. If this had been standard rental, the RV could have charge us $4,200 with an extra $600 in added mileage charges for a great total of $5,500. My overall cost was $1,000.


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