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UK Spouse Visa

UK Spouse Visa

United kingdom citizens who wish to join their spouse & settle in the UK are qualified to submit an application for a UK Spouse Visa in Thailand. The United kingdom Spouse visa will allow the holder to live & work in the United kingdom for two years.

Near the expiration of the permitted time to stay, if the couple is still wedded & living together, the Thai partner might then apply for a permanent residency in the United kingdom. There are three significant issues to consider before filing an application for a UK Spouse Visa in Thailand. These are as follows:

The Legal Marriage & genuine ongoing relationship.

This could be supported by submitting the unique copy of the Marriage Certificate along with all other documents. One more way of showing the marital relationship is by displaying pictures or recorded videos taken during the marriage ceremony or the actual Marriage Registration.

You must have the ability to show exchange of correspondence such us words, postcards, emails, telephone bills, images together and even receipts of funds transfers. Plane ticket, boarding passes & hotel bookings can also be utilized as proof to show that you have done things & traveled together.

Both the applicant & sponsor must also write a letter about their relationship stating how & when the 1st meeting took place, how the relationship developed & express each eagerness & desire to be with each other to spend daily life together as family. For more information visit UK spouse visa.

The Sponsor current Financial Position & Accommodation in the United kingdom.

The United kingdom Embassy in Bangkok & its commercial company partner, VFS, will check if the sponsor has the ability to support the future spouse’s live in the UK without having asking help from the public funds. To affirm and set up this requirement, the sponsor should provide his/her latest six months bank statements.

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