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Top 5 Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland provides great possibilities for the visitors to enjoy its great natural beauty, traditional and cultural landmarks and many more great attractions this excellent country has to provide. No issue if you visit Switzerland in summer season or winter you can do everything your mind conceives.

Listed down below you will locate Top 10 places every tourist coming to Switzerland should see.

1. Basel is a wonderful vacation desired destination to embark on in Switzerland. The location of Basel if divided into 2 main areas called Great Basel and Little Basel that are divided by the Rhine River. They are linked by 6 big bridges. This beautiful city is home to many pharmaceutical companies.

2. Bern, the capital of Switzerland is certainly worth seeing since it is a location where Einstein concluded his biggest mathematic formulas, the birthplace of delicious chocolate bar Toblerone and lastly the place where Emmental (Swiss) cheese was invented. Aside from that, Bern is basically a stunning place to see wonderful towers, sandstone structures and gorgeous fountains.

3. Zermatt situated at the foot of Matterhorn is a special destination for any visitor to Switzerland. Where else can you go snowboarding in the summer? Zermatt features multiple glacier skiing opportunities, hiking trails, cable cars and a lot of more points of interest. Zermatt ski resort could be quickly explored by foot to appreciate its stunning old streets, charming dining places and plenty of purchasing.

4. Geneva is a gorgeous nature’s oasis that is also an worldwide stage for hosting many significant gatherings. Geneva is also a location with many head office buildings of major world companies. Jet D’Eau is the absolute tallest water fall in the world that is a signature symbol of Geneva

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5. Zurich is the financial, cultural and historical heart of Switzerland and basically must be involved when you visit Switzerland. Zurich is home to the biggest selection of galleries and museums and art galleries. The Opera House is regarded one of the central points to attract community class performers and trendsetters of the music world.

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