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Summer Activities in Chamonix You Just Have To Try

Chamonix is one of those rare destinations that offers visitors something to do no matter what time of the year they might choose to visit. With this in mind, once you have decided to see the holiday rentals Chamonix has available you may have decided to head there at some point during the summer. Your Chamonix summer is bound to be amazing no matter what you choose to do, and this blog will take you through some of the activities available that you just have to try.


With the summer bringing with it such glorious weather, it is the perfect time to get out and about and enjoy all of the scenes that surround you. It is up to you where exactly you want to hike, but there are many different views, along with animals and plants, to be seen that you simply cannot get when you’re at home. For this reason, a summer hike in Chamonix is a great choice.


When the weather is nice, paragliding is a great option, as it is a way to see lots of the sights from above. It is an activity that is without a doubt much more enjoyable in the summer months. It can be glorious to be soaring in the sunshine, and it can also get the adrenaline pumping if you know that you would like to try something a little bit different.

Water sports

There are lots of water sports for you to make the most of, and this can be a great thing to do if you know that you’re a thrill seeker. You can choose between canyoning and rafting, and take a trip that should get your heartbeat racing. If it rains while you’re in Chamonix, this is the perfect activity as you’ll be getting wet anyway!

Adventure Parks

There are a few adventure parks that you can choose from in Chamonix, including Chamonix Amusement Park and the Adventure Tree Park. These are perfect for a day out that will suit the entire family, as there really is something for everyone. If you have mainly chosen to come to Chamonix to make the most of what the outdoors can offer you, this can be a good way to get a little bit of excitement in there, too which is great if you have children with you.


Golf can be incredibly relaxing, and if you’re a keen player then it can be good to be able to try out another course. Chamonix has a great choice, and if you’re not too experienced then you might want to try out the mini golf course in Vallorcine instead. If you have an afternoon to spare then this can be a great way to relax.

No matter which of the summer Chamonix activities you choose to take part in, one thing for certain is that you will have a great break. This means that you will come away with lots of happy memories and, after all, what more could you ask from a holiday?


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