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Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

The wonderful city of Split lounges on the Croatian coast. Its stunning, historic roads meander around the neat square of Diocletian Palace, bounded by mediaeval walls.

The smooth curves of Marjan’s hill unfurl from the town in direction of the Adriatic Sea which languidly stretches out, freckled with paradise isles just waiting to be investigated. Split is one particular of the finest known tourist towns in Croatia & when you visit its quaint streets & gaze out from the Riva in direction of the islands it is extremely easy to see why so a lot of individuals choose to visit this fantastic location each and every year.

Getting to Split:

Most tourists from abroad will arrive in Split by plane. The air-port is not really situated in Split but by nearby Trogir, but it is simple to get from the airport terminal to the centre of the town. You can hire a car, bus, or taxi transport from the terminal direct to your holiday accommodation, to the middle of the old city.

Getting Around:

Most of Split’s attractions are best explored on foot or so, though you can get a taxi or general public transport to go to some interesting attractions outwith the city, like Kastela.

A walk all around the old town & exploration of the Roman ruins of Diocletian Palace is a must for each and every visitor to Split. One particular of the main draws of this aspect of the entire world though are the isles. Ferries will take you to some of the nearer isles from the older harbour in Split, although for true freedom of the seas it might be a great idea to charter a yacht if you are not blessed enough to own your own.

Getting Out & About:

Split is a amazing city though it can get fairly busy during the peak months. If you are searching for a Croatian for the holiday of a life-time then Split can be an outstanding base from which to discover, so think about leaving the stunning city behind & setting sail for adventure.

You could visit one particular of the a lot of beautiful islands, Hvar, with its celebrities & party scene, breezy Brac, ideal for wind surfing & kite flying, shrouded in myth.

This is the fantastic way to get off the beaten track & figure out what this area is truly all about. From marinas frequented by riches to fishing towns that have changed very little in the last 100 years, from busting beaches to relaxing coves where only the sounds are all those of the wind & the waves & the cries of circling sea birds. For more information Visit Split in the Spring.

So think about making Split, Croatia, your vacation base this year & let the amazing things of the Adriatic unfurl just before your very eyes. You will really feel your troubles moving away on the washing waves as you sit & relax.

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