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The many flavors of Turkey: Bareboat charter Turkey and experience them all

The many flavors of Turkey: Bareboat charter Turkey and experience them all

Amazing surroundings, pleasant people and better yachting facilities each year – each of these make Turkey the most desirable sailing destination, especially during the summer season when the coast shines at it’s best. The many flavors of Turkey – one for each and everyone’s taste makes it the perfect choice for all types of sailing, including the most affordable and exciting: bareboat charter Turkey.

If you chose Turkey as a sailing destination but you are stuck at the beginning of the holiday planning, a wonderful place to start from is Book2Sail.com. With over 500 boats to choose from, many of them located at the ports of the Turkish coast, Book2Sail always has the best choices for the most affordable prices. Choosing a boat that will take you to unbelievable places along the coast and a bit further to the untouched Turkish spots – seems like the picture perfect for you and your crew.

Starting the sailing adventure from Bodrum: a perfect choice for bareboaters

The Bodrum peninsula – or as the experienced sailors would call it: the heart of the Western cruising area can easily become an excellent start of the impeccable boat journey around this part of the Turquoise coast. Starting your sailing from Bodrum, after a whole-day sightseeing will take you to the Gokova gulf – probably the biggest gulf in the Turkish area, dramatic in its appearance and something worth capturing in your memory. The beautiful anchorages that are spread all around this gulf – luckily, can be touched only by boat – which makes them beautiful and intimate – a perfect match for the beginning of your bareboat journey.

As lots of inlets and hidden spots are set right around the Datca peninsula – the decision where to sail to can be tough. Still, the one place that you shouldn’t miss is the serene inlet of Mersincik: unspoilt, hidden and simply adorable. Anchoring at the very centre of the bay and spending the day at the sandy beaches surrounded by magical scenery is something you simply can’t miss. Sailing on to the famous Seven islands that are reachable only a short sailing trip from the Mersincik inlet is a great idea before continuing to the head of Gokova gulf – the Akyaka village. Easily reachable by boat, the Akyaka village – also known as the slow town, mainly because of the food, but also because of the energy of the place in a whole: the charming wooden houses (most of them having red roofs), pine woods, flower gardens, lots of forests and the most calming sandy beach set right among the forests: seems too good to be true, right?
After discovering the magic of this place, you may want to go a bit further – such as north of the Bodrum peninsula, the part where the Gulf of Gulluk spreads a whole new array of anchorages and smaller islands.

No matter what your next choice is, one thing is definite: there is no wrong choice when it comes to sailing around this part of the Turkish coast. And sometimes a full day spent on the beach, catching the sun, swimming in the crystal-clear waters and washing away from the noise of the world can be a perfect stop before finding some new undiscovered Turkish spot. After all, sailing is adventure by itself, so freeing your mind and letting yourself go will most definitely take you to unbelievable places that you will cherish for a long time.

So why wait? Pack your bags, take a deep breath and prepare for an amazing Turkish holiday.

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