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La Rioja Spain

La Rioja Spain

This little place, situated between the Basque Country and Castilla, offers its name to one of the most well-known Spanish wines in the globe.

For years when eating at a bistro and wanting to come with the meal with an excellent wine customers always ordered a bottle of Rioja progressively wines from other Spanish regions have obtained prestige and reputation, but Rioja wines, especially reds are still associated with quality and nobility.

La Rioja is a region and also wine beverages developing area even while their boundaries do not match exactly. La Rioja as a geographical region contains not only a fertile field where wines are harvested but also a significant mountainous area to the southern and a vast farming expanse to the east, while La Rioja wine generating area expands a minimal further north coming into Álava, one of the three Basque states.

When journeying to La Rioja a visit to the winery of Elciego or the fantastic walled town of Laguardia is a must, both situated in the Rioja Alavesa.

Rioja winemakers have devoted in improving their features, and some of the best-known designers in the world have modified the old winemakers into works of skill, as is the situation of El Marqués de Riscal winery in the Rioja Alavesa a beautiful building created by none other than Frank Gehry.

Various of these wineries have also added hotels and dining places to their facilities providing a way to a new wave of travel and leisure, Enoturismo or wine tourist. The vibrant town of Haro is a good beginning point for discovering some of the best winemakers in the place, and home to the famous Batalla de Vino (Battle of Wine) held every year in the summer season time.

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Combined with the wines the Camino de Santiago or St. James way is also a primary protagonist in this region; the path traverses the area in its entirety which includes the investment Logrono and two of its most exciting cities Nájera and Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

In the second there is a strange paradox and a church with one of the maximum and most beautiful baroque towers identified in Spain.

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