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Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300

As far as sport motorbikes go, the 300 is ideal for beginners, even though you might think otherwise once you figure out the bike’s top speed has been maxed out at 106 miles per hour.


When decide to put side-by-side the 250R, the fairing is quickly noticeable simply because it is taller.

From a strength standpoint, the engine has been more efficient and creates much more power than the 250R at 34.77 hp as compared to the 250R’s 25.48 In inclusion to taller gearing and slightly more strength, the gas tank has been scaly back a little bit in size at four & a half gallons, and fuel prices that came in at seventy miles per gallon, also an enhancement over its predecessor.

Bodywork Design and Engine Power

The body-work on the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is what you would expect to have from the Ninja series; a daring, almost in your face sort of style that lets you know that while this might be a lightweight sport-bike, it holds an engine that is not to be viewed as lightly.

For what is viewed as an entry-level bike, it is not to be overlooked. For starters, with its highly effective engine, it also has extremely capable and forgiving managing ability (newbies take note).

Also together those lines are the big braking system this sport-bike has, a different feature making this bike eye-catching for all those newbies and novices who might need the confidence associated with a effective bike that might need immediate forgiveness from an over-eager & under-experienced riders, supposing the brakes do not throw said rider through the handlebars; shudder to think. For more information visit ninja 300 abs.

Timing is almost everything in life, so if you are a sport-bike lover looking for that one more reason to push you towards purchasing a bike, 2017 is a great year for Kawasaki’s Ninja.

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