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Good reasons to Visit Iran

Good reasons to Visit Iran

All climates in one place

One of the awesome features of Iran is its different climate. Iran is a 4 season country, so you will discover all kind of environments in the same time in various regions of country.

In winter season, southern parts of Iran & coasts of Persian Gulf have nice weather conditions. In summer season and hot seasons, North provinces and mountain areas have a cold weather.

Hospitable people

The truth is that, Iranians are extremely hospitable people & they are eager to help other people, specifically foreign travelers & tourists. If during your vacation in Iran you experienced with any problem, don’t hesitate to approach individuals and ask for help.

Not all Iranians know English language, but they will try to assist you.

Country of ancient civilization & culture

Iran has one particular of the oldest civilizations & cultures in the world. Visiting Iran’s historical websites means getting familiar with mankind’s history.

From ruins of Persepolis of excellent empire of Achaemanian to architecture & Islamic art in Esfahan, from literature & poems of amazing writers & poets like Hafez & Sa’adi in Shiraz to Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh in Khorasan, from ruins of watermills in ancient town of Shoushtar to Zoroasterian sites in main regions of Iran, almost everywhere you will see depth & richness of Iranian heritage.

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Iran Wonders

Iran’s all-natural and historical destinations appeal a lot of visitors from all over the world. These include all-natural sights like hot deserts in central & eastern areas of Iran, huge hills of Zagros in the west, fantastic Damavand Peak in the north, unique Alisadr normal water cave in the North of Hamedan & Hara marine forests that is situated on & near the island of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf, or traditional heritages like eye-catching museums of Sad-Abad in Tehran, Islamic architectural mastery in famous mosques of Esfahan.

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